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Keywords: proctophobic higheramplifier blame canada grind gore grindcore
Downloads: 37
[audio]SBTR082 - GOREPOT/PROCTOPHOBIC - SPLIT - Gorepot, Proctophobic
Gorepot/Proctophobic [Split]Gorepot1. House Of Flying Penis2. Procasterbating Hitler Porn3. Two Man Tea Party4. Blazing Extraterrestrial KushProctophobic5. The Many Phali Of The Abomination Descend6. Fruit De Mort7. Dancing With Leviathan8. I Am Luciferhttps://www.facebook.com/gorepottwhttps://www.facebook.com/pages/Proctophobic/164175410271222
Keywords: Gorepot; Proctophobic; Split; Grind; Gore; metal; Stillborn Twins Records
Downloads: 38
[audio]SBTR086 - SHITFUCKINGSHIT/PROCTOPHOBIC - Shit Splattered Slut Split - Proctophobic, SHITFUCKINGSHIT
Proctophobic/Shitfuckingshit - Shit Splattered Slut SplitProctophobicI. Enter Gore-VanaII. Modern Iconoclast III. This Mask Is My Real Face IV. Second Testament Pornography V. You Are Nothing But a Carbon HuskSHITFUCKINGSHIT6. kill the next7. why not8. we support war9. S.L.U.T.S. (Cripple Bastards cover)10. Putrido affondo faccialecontact:capergore@hotmail.comwww.meaneymusic.tkwww.gorecyst.tkProctophobic is:NJ''The Masked Stranger''Macrae-vocals and shitDevin''FUCK YOU''Meaney-guitars and ...
Keywords: Proctophobic; Shitfuckingshit; Shit; Splattered; Slut; Split; Stillborn; Twins; Records
Downloads: 38
[audio]SBTR039 Proctophobic - Greatest Hits - Proctophobic
FromProctophobic - The Wriggling Crown01 - The Wriggling Crown (16:56)I. Dreams Of Elder NaughtII. House Of The ObelyskIII. Primordial Blood BaptismIV. ForneverV. Lay Through The GateVI. Power To BoneVII. His Wriggling CrownVIII. I Am The Howling MountainFrom.Proctophobic - Castrate The Sky02 - Castrate The Sky (17:47)I. Castrate The SkyII. Samsaric Vengeance GeasIII. MycodaemonIV. Tiamat's WombV. The Devil's LoveVI...
Keywords: Proctophobic; Greatest; Hits; Torn; Flesh; Records; Stillborn; Twins; Records; Black; Death; Metal; Grindcore; Goregrind; Blackened
Downloads: 40
[audio]TFR255 - Proctophobic - The Meat Forest - Proctophobic
Proctophobic - The Meat Forest 01 - Cannibis Portaling 02 - Aboriginal Of The Tempest Realm 03 - Blackest Heart 04 - I Wish To Bathe As A Necromancer 05 - Absurdity 06 - Maw 07 - The Lonely Ressurector 08 - My Hate Demands Phthisis For This Modern World 09 - Reaking Field Of Death 10 - The Skin-Laiden Temple 11 - The Only Grin 'Neath The Boughs 12 - Nine Prigs Gnawed Off Their Tongues With The Populace As An Audience Proctophobic is: Devin Meaney - Guitars, Drum Programming, Noise...
Keywords: Proctophobic; The; Meat; Forest; Industrial; Blackened; Gore; Grindcore; goregrind; Death; Metal; Torn Flesh; Records
Downloads: 1,858
[audio]TFR663 - Proctophobic - The Wriggling Crown - Proctophobic
Proctophobic - The Wriggling Crown 01 - The Wriggling Crown (16:56) I. Dreams Of Elder Naught II. House Of The Obelysk III. Primordial Blood Baptism IV. Fornever V. Lay Through The Gate VI. Power To Bone VII. His Wriggling Crown VIII. I Am The Howling Mountain Proctophobic Devin Meaney - Guitars Harry Neal John Mac Rae - Vocals, Drum Programming, Noise/Ambiance Von Sacrifyre (of Moxham Castle) - Backing Vocals on Selected Tracks www.facebook.com/pages/Proctophobic/164175410271222 Art - Harry Nea...
Keywords: Proctophobic; The; Wriggling; Crown; Black; Blackened; Death; Metal; Lo-fi; Nova; Scotia; Torn; Flesh; Records
Downloads: 685
WOHEDNESS/ASSGRINDER/PROCTOPHOBIC [split]WOHEDNESS____________1. Conspired Possession 2. Eroded Tolerance3. Terror Transgression4. Usurping The ThroneAssgrinder____________5. A Fiend For Gore6. Carnivore Of Human7. Demon Cunt RipperProctophobic____________8. As The Obelisks Descend9. Til As A Wolf10. Biomass Converted Into Sustainance For A Dark God11. I AM Immanehttps://www.facebook.com/pages/Proctophobic/164175410271222https://www.facebook.com/Wohedness2012http://assgrinder.bandcamp.com/
Keywords: WOHEDNESS; Proctophobic; Assgrinder; 3; way; split; metal; grind; stillborn; twins; records
Downloads: 61
[audio]TFR878 - Proctophobic - Greatest Hits - Proctophobic
Proctophobic - Greatest Hits DOWNLOAD NOW From Proctophobic - The Wriggling Crown 01 - The Wriggling Crown (16:56) I. Dreams Of Elder Naught II. House Of The Obelysk III. Primordial Blood Baptism IV. Fornever V. Lay Through The Gate VI. Power To Bone VII. His Wriggling Crown VIII. I Am The Howling Mountain From. Proctophobic - Castrate The Sky 02 - Castrate The Sky (17:47) I. Castrate The Sky II. Samsaric Vengeance Geas III...
Keywords: Proctophobic; Greatest; Hits; Blackened; Grindcore; Black; Metal; Death; Metal; Goregrind; Torn; Flesh; Records
Downloads: 339
[audio]TFR370 - Proctophobic - Castrate The Sky - Proctophobic
Proctophobic - Castrate The Sky 01 - Castrate The Sky 02 - Samsaric Vengeance Geas 03 - Mycodaemon 04 - Tiamat's Womb 05 - The Devil's Love 06 - Of Evil Are We All Proctophobic Devin "Gorecyst" Meaney Neal "The Masked Stranger" Mac Rae Dr. Seagullathor on back-up Vocals and onstage, Lunacy capergore@hotmail.com DOWNLOAD NOW "Some times our live sets help bring on the wrath of the very evil cernunnous, and all members of the band emit toxic radiation from the tips of their penises to make all wo...
Keywords: Proctophobic; Castrate; The; Sky; Industrial; Blackened; Gore-Grind; Black; Death; Metal; Grindcore; Gore; Torn; Flesh; Records
Downloads: 3,452 5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars(1 review)
[audio]TFR1032 - WOHEDNESS / Assgrinder / Proctophobic - 3 WAY SPLIT - WOHEDNESS / Assgrinder / Proctophobic
WOHEDNESS / Assgrinder / Proctophobic - 3 WAY SPLIT WOHEDNESS 1. Conspired Possession 2. Eroded Tolerance 3. Terror Transgression 4. Usurping the Throne Assgrinder 5. A Fiend For Gore 6. Carnivore Of Human 7. Demon Cunt Ripper Proctophobic 8. As The Obelisks Descend 9. Til As A Wolf 10. Biomass Converted Into Sustainance For A Dark God 11. I AM Immane WOHEDNESS www.facebook.com/Wohedness2012 www.reverbnation.com/wohedness Assgrinder assgrinder.bandcamp.com myspace.com/pornogrindkreations Proctop...
Keywords: WOHEDNESS; Assgrinder; Proctophobic; 3; WAY; SPLIT; Death; Metal; Grindcore; Pornogrind; Goregrind; Blackened; Grind; Torn; Flesh; Records
Downloads: 73
[audio]TFR747 - Proctophobic / The Slow & The Courteous - SPLIT - Proctophobic / The Slow & The Courteous
Proctophobic / The Slow & The Courteous - SPLIT Proctophobic 1. Side A. i. Cyprean! I Command Thee ii. My Semen Is Superior iii. Solipsism iv. Slavery In Flesh v. Becoming Aepep Through Violent Meditation vi. What We Have In This Mortal Involacrum vii. * viii. What The Fuck? The Slow & The Courteous Side B. 2. For The Birds 3. Ty-runts 4. Juggalo Infanticide 5. Smokin Hearts & Breakin Darts 6. Miner Threat - Workin Man XXX Proctophobic ____________ Devin Meaney - Guitars, Drum Programming, Noise...
Keywords: Proctophobic; The; Slow; &; The; Courteous; SPLIT; Death; And; Black; Metal; Punk; Crust; Grindcore; Torn; Flesh; Records; Nova; Scotia; Cape; Breton
Downloads: 280
4 Way Split - Widows & Orphans feat. NECROKILLGRAVETERROR, DAMOKIS, SHITFUCKINGSHIT, and PROCTOPHOBIC 01 - NKGT - Geishas Sucks European Cocks (Jig-Ai Cover) 02 - NKGT - Common, Johnny, Common! 03 - NKGT - Yellow Press (Liars) 04 - NKGT - Where My Madness 05 - NKGT - I'm Not To Be Live In Nicaragua 06 - NKGT - Cunt 07 - DAMOKIS - Night Of The Ultimate Dracula 08 - DAMOKIS - Doomed To Stay, Stay Infested 09 - DAMOKIS - That's Hell 10 - DAMOKIS - Goldilocks Strikes Back 11 - DAMOKIS - Decomposed 1...
Keywords: 4; Four; Way; Split; Widows; And; &; Orphans; NKGT; NECROKILLGRAVETERROR; DAMOKIS; SHITFUCKINGSHIT; PROCTOPHOBIC; Grindcore; Blackened; Death; Metal; Torn; Flesh; Records
Downloads: 2,132
[audio]TFR494 - Sapraemia / Proctophobic - Welcome To Nova Scotia - Sapraemia; Proctophobic
Sapraemia / Proctophobic - Welcome To Nova Scotia 01 - Sapraemia - I Am A Machine 02 - Sapraemia - Son Of None 03 - Sapraemia - Abolition 04 - Sapraemia - Drugs Are Bad 05 - Sapraemia - Victims 06 - Sapraemia - Kill A Bastard Son 07 - Sapraemia - Pathogen 08 - Sapraemia - Planetary Embolism 09 - Sapraemia - Sapraemia 10 - Sapraemia - The Bitter End 11 - Proctophobic - Abstract Evil 12 - Proctophobic - Demogorgous Caggot Crusher 13 - Proctophobic - Fornicating Upon The Altar Of My Fuck 14 - Proct...
Keywords: Sapraemia; &; and; Proctophobic; Welcome; To; Nova; Scotia; Grindcore; Death; Black; Metal; Noise; Torn; Flesh; Records; Lo-fi; Metal
Downloads: 1,738
[audio]Beby Radio - Seconda Puntata - Dj Patrizio
Seconda puntata di Beby Radio, l'unica radio libera dopo radio Alice, insieme al vostro dj Patrizio, che cercherà anche questa settimana di dare voce a chi voce non ce l'ha. Insieme ascolteremo musica da Spettro Records ( www.spettrorec.com ). Playlist della puntanta:1- Proctophobic - "Abstract Evil" ( da SR116 : Proctophobic | Greatest Hits ( 2013 )2- Resonancedj - "Relik" ( da SR105 : Resonancedj | Killer Instinct ( 2014 )3- Frontcore - "Bravery" ( https://www.facebook.com/frontcorepro...
Keywords: spettro records; beby radio; podcast; dj patrizio; eroina; spade; roba; bologna; radio libera; painful silence; frontcore; billy torello; your marginally talented photographer girlfriend; the sonny bono; resonancedj; proctophobic
Downloads: 8
[audio]TFR246 - Blasphemation, Coffin Rot, & Proctophobic - Blasphemous Brutality - Blasphemation, Coffin Rot, Proctophobic
Blasphemous Brutality (3-Way Split) Featuring: Blasphemation Coffin Rot Proctophobic TRACKLIST: Blasphemation 01. Intro to Brutality 02. Shit Myself 03. Cold Unholy Black 04. Wallow in Feces Coffin Rot 05. Intro / Bringers of the Apocalypse 06. Perversion of Lust 07. The Wanderings of Alhazred 08. The Starlit Chamber Of the Seven Gates Proctophobic 09. Black Fucking Masturbation 10. I Cum Elder Semen 11...
Keywords: Blasphemous; Brutality; 3; Way; Split; Blasphemation; Coffin Rot; Proctophobic; Torn; Flesh; Records; Blasting; Noisy; Industrial; Death; Metal; Grindcore; Gore-grind; Early; Black; Metal
Downloads: 3,901
[audio]TFR314 - V/A - Zombie Grinder Compilation - Various Artists
Various Artists - Zombie Grinder Compilation Presented by Torn Flesh Records and Dis-Organ-Ized Netlabel/Records 01 - elephantknuckle - Sweet Carnal Necrosis 02 - 54R - Zombie War Machine 03 - Gore Obsessed - Fulci Lives! 04 - Cannibal Accident - Zombie Holo-Acoustic 05 - Zombie Hate Brigade - Fistful of Entrails 06 - Limb for a Limb - Swarm of the Undead 07 - Human Fillet - Exploding Zombies 08 - TRFIIS - Classic Zombie Attack 09 - Zombified - Zombified Slaughtermachine 10 - Disembodiment - Tor...
Keywords: Various; Artists; VA; Zombie; Grinder; Compilation; Grindcore; Goregrind; Cybergrind; Death; Black; Metal; Industrial; Dark; Ambient; Pornogrind; Electronic; Experimental; Halloween Torn; Flesh; Records; Dis-Organ-Ized; Netlabel; elephantknuckle; 54R; Gore; Obsessed; Cannibal; Accident; Zombie; Hate; Brigade; Limb; for; Limb; Human; Fillet; TRFIIS; Zombified; Disembodiment; Grinding; Cocks; Fulci; Holocaust; Gore; Blast; Corpsex; Cum; Book; Proctophobic; Phalloplasty; Zombieslut; Gorefiend; PIEL; DE; CADAVER; MIND; HOLOCAUST; Agamenon; Project; Loudrage; Blasphemation; Nekroholocaust; GOREGASMATRON; Gangrena; DEVOURINGORE; TakeMeToTheMorgue!; Necrophonia
Downloads: 3,818 4.00 out of 5 stars4.00 out of 5 stars4.00 out of 5 stars4.00 out of 5 stars(2 reviews)
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